About Me

KansasFor the last couple of years, I have worked as a skip tracer. In my capacity as a private investigator, I have accepted cases from attorneys and legal firms; commercial organizations, financial and realty services agencies, individuals, the police department, bail bond agencies and others.

Mainly, my clients have been from Texas and Florida. But, I have worked all over the United States as well in Canada, locating individuals with criminal and non-criminal backgrounds. I have undertaken several investigations for the police of Denton County in Texas. I have also done locates for bail bond agencies both in Texas as well as Florida.

Although I have worked extensively on locating law breakers, I have handled just as many cases that had nothing to do with criminal matters. Most of my work for individuals and corporates saw me locating subjects who were not in any way linked with a criminal investigation. A few examples of such investigations would be my work for Cushing Genealogy Research in Florida, International Genealogy Research in Canada and the Locators Ltd in Arizona.

Moreover, I have also done many pro bono assignments for the Unclaimed Person’s Network, an agency that works across the country, helping to locate the next of kin of decedents. I help the agency to get the contact details of the next of kin who are then told about the death of their friend or family member. You should get in touch with me if:

  • You need information on the current location of old friends, distant family members, classmates or work colleagues.
  • You want to know more about your family tree or about the medical ailments that have afflicted your ancestors and relatives.
  • You are connected to a law enforcement agency or bail bond provider and want to know about the current location of a bail skipper.
  • You are linked to a realty office and want to know the ownership details of a property.
  • You are an attorney who wants to locate the beneficiary of an estate proceed.

For me, my work is both my profession and my hobby. I am passionate about it because it gives me a chance to interact with people and help them. So, to get a locate done, get in touch with me today.


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