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Does the police help with an arrest inquiry and warrant lookup in Wichita, Kansas?

Yes, they sure do and how! The best part of initiating a warrant check or a search for recent arrests in Wichita is that you will be spoilt for choices as far as the sources of data are concerned. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that short of putting the entire police blotter online, they provide just about every byte of information available with them in the public domain.

This means that anybody can access Wichita arrest records and warrants data without so much as laying a foot outside their homes. Continue reading to know how you can get your hands on this information and what agencies can help you in your search…

How do you find an arrest report from Wichita?

For the uninitiated, here is a quick lowdown on how an arrest history report is different from the arrest log. The former will tell you about arrests in Wichita concerning one individual while the latter is a compilation of all instances of detention for a specific time frame. You can find both, but through different channels.

  1. Because all Wichita arrests ultimately end up in detention at the County Jail, you can use the Sedgwick County inmate search app to find out if your subject is current being held in their custody. The arrest app is available at
  2. If for some reason, you cannot access the booking log through this facility, The Wichita Eagle also provides 6-months’ worth of arrest history on their website at
  3. In addition to this, Wichita PD also posts its daily incident log at However, this is a no-name source, meaning you will know what happened but not who did it.
  4. For an arrest report, you will have to phone in or mail in your request. Contact information and other details are available at

How do you access information on Wichita arrest warrants?

Crime Stats for Wichita, KS

The fact that Wichita, Kansas has a violent crime rate twice as high as the national average created much furor among media and the public in 2019. In fact, owing to the high occurrences of violent criminal incidents, the city was chosen to participate in and receive help from a national program aimed at curbing instances of violent crimes in urban areas.

In terms of specific crime categories within the violent crimes classification, murders, rapes, assaults and even instances of domestic violence all saw an uptick between 2016 and 2018. Plus, complaints about shootings nearly doubling in the period.  On average, 5000 violent crimes are reported in the city each year along with approximately 22,000 property crimes.