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The county clerk’s office is often one of the first places people go to for an arrest warrant search in Coffey County, KS, and with good reason. Although the clerk of court and his deputies have no part to play in issuing active warrants or making arrests under such orders, they do keep information about these directives.

It is the job of this agency to maintain a history of all court proceedings. Since a pre-warrant hearing is held for the issue of arrest warrants, the county clerk’s office is bound to have all information about it. In fact, you could also find details on bench warrants from the office of the clerk.

These are directives released to call for the capture of offenders who have skipped town after being released on bond and even those who have neglected to obey an order from the court. Although a hearing is not held for the issue of these decrees, they are released during the course of a criminal or civil trial; hence a deputy of the county clerk will be present when the directive is put into effect.

The same logic also holds for any civil litigation that might have been initiated in the subject’s name. In essence, you will not just find out about the Coffey County arrest records and outstanding warrants in the name of a third party through this agency but also any publicly available information about this individual. Some other agencies that offer crime history searches along with this office have also been listed below:

  • The sheriff’s department: 605 Neosho St, Burlington, Kansas 66839
  • The magistrate’s court: 110 S 6th St, Burlington, KS 66839
  • The county clerk’s office: 110 South 6th Street, Room 205, Burlington, Kansas 66839

How do you obtain details pertaining to Coffey County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)

  • Get an incident or arrest report by calling 620-364-2123.
  • Obtain details about active warrants by calling 620-964-2245/ 620-364-5334.
  • Get information on arrests by calling 620-364-3199.
  • Access information about victim’s rights and assistance by calling 620-364-5111.
  • Get information about obtaining criminal judicial records by calling 620-364-8628.

Crime statistics of Coffey County

In 2016, the Coffey County Sheriff’s Office received 58 criminal complaints. There were 51 property offenses and 7 violent crimes among the total.

Around 40 larceny thefts, 9 burglaries, and 4 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offenses. More than 5 aggravated assaults and 1 rape were included in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

In Coffey County, Kansas, an estimated 100 criminal matters are reported to the police every year. Of these cases, about 10 are violent in nature; hence, the percentage of violent crime is comparable to that of the state’s other geographical divisions. However, in recent years, there has been a growth of almost 60% in the occurrence rates of this crime category.