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All judicial orders, including arrest warrants from Montgomery County, Kansas, come from the local courts, including the civil and the criminal tribunals. The judiciary has been given discretionary powers to issue a plethora of judicial provisions, each designed to bring about a specific action from local law enforcement. Yet, it would be an error to assume that the police only step into the matter after the issue of these orders for arrests.

The sheriff’s office places the petition for many directives, including Montgomery County active warrants and search orders. Criminal summons, on the other hand, is issued when a complaint is filed by a civilian and involves no participation n of a law enforcement agent. In contrast, bench warrants are issued by the magistrate without calling for a probable cause affidavit.

These are also arrest directives, although they are served in a slightly different manner to outstanding warrants. Finally, subpoenas are issued by the office of the clerk of court, the magistrate’s court, or the prosecuting attorney’s office to call in witnesses and experts who are expected to offer their two words at the trial. While summons and subpoenas are delivered to the residence of the person who is supposed to receive them, warrants are served on arrest.

Once offenders are apprehended in connection with active warrants, these arrest records are stored by the police in their database. Details on these are also sent to the office of the magistrate and the county clerk.

So, when you go for a warrant search, you will get information on all the arrest orders issued against your subject and information on when they were arrested, the crimes they were charged with, the verdict, and the time for which this person was incarcerated. To initiate such an inquiry, you can head to:

  • Law enforcement: 300 E Main, Independence, Kansas 67301
  • Judiciary: 102 W 7th St, Coffeyville, KS 67337
  • County clerk: PO Box 647, Independence, Kansas 67301

Montgomery County, KS police handle no less than 1300 criminal complaints on an annual basis. This puts the daily crime average at almost 4 incidents. However, the number of criminal instances is expected to go down, given the drop of over 30% in the rates of both violent and overall criminal incidents.