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The information offered in response to an arrest warrant search in Grant County, KS, is usually enough to base any personal or professional decision on whether you should be associating with the subject in question or not. These inquiries are usually handled immediately if the applicant visits the office of the concerned agency. However, mailed-in requests for data on active warrants and arrest records will take longer to be addressed.

Because you have a choice of three agencies from which you need only pick one to launch your inquiry on arrest warrants, it is highly recommended that you not rely on the snail mail service and instead show up at the doorsteps of the agency you have chosen to connect with. Despite the fact that all three state departments listed below offer details on outstanding warrants and arrests, the ancillary data maintained by these entities can vary significantly. For example:

  • The police will keep all details about a crime that has occurred in their jurisdiction. This will include information on arrests effected with and without active warrants from Grant County. Apart from this, applicants can also request generic crime data such as rates of specific crime categories, most wanted criminals, and more.
  • The magistrate’s office will be able to furnish details on arrest records from Grant County, the issue of active warrants from the area, the release of bench warrants, summons, and subpoenas. They can also get information on orders issued by the civil tribunals in the area.
  • The office of the county clerk is the agency that has the court dockets database. Hence, they can supply details on Grant County outstanding warrants and the civil cases that were launched against a person.

Connecting with these agencies for an arrest warrant search

  • The police: 210 E Central Ave, Ulysses, Kansas 67880
  • The judiciary: 108 S Glenn St, Ulysses, KS 67880
  • The clerk of court: As above

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Grant County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)     

  • 620-356-3500: Contact the Grant County Sheriff’s office to access an arrest report and for inmate searches.
  • 620-356-4600: Contact the Municipal Court for details on warrants.
  • 620-356-1526: Contact the Clerk of Court for a case search
  • 620-952-9774: Contact the Grant County Attorney’s Office to get help for crime victims.

Crime statistics of Grant County

The Grant Sheriff’s Office handled 15 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 22 in 2018. Of these, 13 were property offenses, and 2 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 7 larceny-thefts, 5 burglaries, 1 auto theft, and 2 aggravated assaults.

Older crime statistics

There was a minuscule growth of about 10% in the violent and reported criminal activity of Grant County, Kansas. In the seven years from 2002 onwards, about 115 crimes were reported per annum, and of these, about 15% of the cases were filed against violent crimes. Also, nearly one-half of all criminal instances occurred within a one-mile radius of the victim’s residence or place of work.