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When looking for details on Shawnee County, Kansas active warrants, you will inevitably end up visiting one or more of the local justice department offices. Because the sheriff’s department and the judiciary do not currently offer an online warrant search option, you will have to take your inquiry to their offices in person.

One reason to make people drive down to the agency office is to ensure that the criminal history dissemination system is not abused by criminals who have Shawnee County arrest warrants in their name. Because applicants have to bring along a valid government photo id, there is no room left for absconders to find information on warrants issued against them discreetly.

Of course, this also indicates that any attempt on the part of people who have outstanding warrants against them to access crime history data will result in their arrests. Every day fresh attempts are made to nab criminals who are on the run; this includes the publication of most-wanted lists at frequent intervals and sending details on all outstanding arrest orders to a central repository hosted by the FBI.

Although you will not be able to access this database, you can find information on arrest records and warrants from the agencies mentioned below after filling out a request form. Expect to pay a small fee that goes towards maintaining the criminal history database and paying the staff dedicated to disseminating this information to the public. For your inquiry, you can approach:

  • The sheriff: 320 South Kansas Ave, Suite 200, Topeka, Kansas 66603
  • The magistrate: 200 SE 7th St, Topeka, KS 66603
  • The clerk of court: 200 East 7th Street, Room 104, Topeka, Kansas 66603

Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Shawnee County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)  

  • For information on recent arrests, call 785-251-5000
  • To request an incident report or arrest report, call 785-251-2200
  • For requesting an arrest report from Topeka PD, call 785-368-9551.
  • To learn about active warrants, call 785-368-3776.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call 785-251-4330.
  • To find out more about requesting criminal court records, call 785-251-4327.

Crime statistics of Shawnee County

In 2019, the Shawnee Sheriff’s Office received 1045 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 1049 cases received in 2018. These included 958 property crimes and 87 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 589 larceny thefts, 250 burglaries, and 119 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 75 aggravated assaults, 8 rapes, and 3 robberies.

Older crime statistics

Shawnee County, KS is another area of the state which logs in a very high crime rate at almost 11,000 incidents. Fortunately, the rate of violent crime has been low at just 8% of this figure. Then, there is the decrease of nearly 45% in the rates of violent and reported crime, which shows that the police are taking stringent measures to curb the crime menace in the area.