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In Nemaha County, an arrest warrant search may come about for numerous reasons. Additionally, the individual whose arrest records or warrants are being searched may be at any of the several stages of the judicial process in Kansas, necessitating a little legwork to find results.

In Kansas, the first “level” of courts is the municipal courts, which are often called city courts. They deal mostly with things that happen within the boundaries of a city. Typical cases include traffic infractions and other more minor matters. There is a judge, but no jury present for a case hearing. If someone convicted of an offense in a municipal court wants to, they may appeal their case to the county district court. So, if the active warrant information or arrest record data you seek has something to do with minor offenses, a municipal court in Nemaha County may be the place to look.

The Kansas district courts are the courts of general jurisdiction in the state. That is a fancy way of saying that they are the trial courts, where the judge oversees the entry of evidence and testimony into the record and where verdicts are given. Most trials involving both civil and criminal cases take place in a district court. Within the state of Kansas, there is a district court in every county.

At the county district court level, you may have the most success in finding answers about arrests, warrants, and the like. The clerk of court maintains the court dockets of all cases heard by the court. In Nemaha County, the clerk of court’s office is located at 607 Nemaha St., Seneca KS, 66536.

From the district court level, appealed cases proceed to the Kansas Court of Appeals and then to the Kansas Supreme Court. Each of those courts also has offices dedicated to maintaining their records. However, it is unlikely that any information about active warrants and arrest records would be held in those offices. Instead, the district courts have the court records most germane to these types of searches.

Another resource is the Nemaha County Clerk, which handles many records. Their website,, has no specific mention of arrest records and how to access them but does mention criminal investigation records as NOT being available under the Freedom of Information Act. However, it does say: “Most records maintained by Nemaha County are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals.”That office can be found at 607 Nemaha, Seneca, KS 66538. Contact them by email at nmclerk et

The Nemaha County attorney may also possess useful information on arrest warrants and is worth contacting.

Finally, since they are involved in many of the one-hundred or so crimes reported in the county every year, the sheriff’s office may also help with outstanding warrant searches in Nemaha County. Their address is 212 N 6th, Seneca, KS 66538. Their fax number is 785-336-2788.

Is there any way to get information about Nemaha County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)       

  • To contact the Sheriff’s Department about arrest records, call 785-336-2311.
  • To connect with the agency for information on recent arrests, call 785-336-3135.
  • To conduct a warrants search through the judiciary, call 785-336-2747.
  • To know how to obtain criminal case records through the Court Clerk’s office, call 785-336-2146.
  • To get victim assistance information from the Nemaha County Attorney’s Office, call 785-336-3526.

Crime statistics of Nemaha County

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime average of Nemaha County increased by almost 60%. As opposed to the incident rate of 35 cases in 2018, in the following year, more than 55 complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office. Of these complaints, 51 were against property crimes, and 5 were against violent crimes.