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Active warrants from Mitchell County, KS are only issued after the judiciary has had a chance to deliberate on the evidence collected against the subject by the sheriff’s office. This means that while not an indication of guilt, the issue of these directives does point to the fact that the proof in a criminal matter is substantial enough to convince anybody of the involvement of the accused in the said act.

This is one of the prime reasons why an arrest warrants search from Mitchell County is considered a conclusive way to find out about the possible checkered past of a person. It barely takes a couple of minutes or even seconds, depending on how you conduct your inquiry into arrest warrants, to get a crime report. If you are comfortable getting in touch with a state agency, your choices have been listed below.

  • Law enforcement agency: 114 S Campbell St, Beloit, Kansas 67420
  • The county magistrate: 111 S Hersey Ave, Beloit, KS 67420
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 6, Beloit, Kansas 67420

These agencies will mandatorily have to be contacted in person or through mail. At least at this point, neither the police nor the judiciary is offering the facility for an online warrant search. However, you can find details on arrest records and outstanding warrants from all over the country through a third-party agency. These work over the internet, so you can get the inquiry done online.

Like with the state entities, private establishments will charge you a fee to find information on Mitchell County active warrants and arrests from police databases. However, the advantage of working with the latter is that you do not have to submit information about yourself to carry out the search.

What phone numbers should you be dialing for a warrants search or arrests inquiry in Mitchell County? (2021-Update)  

  • To get arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 785-738-3523.
  • To inquire about arrest warrants, contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 785-738-3144.
  • To learn how to obtain criminal case records, contact the District Court Clerk’s office at 785-738-3753.
  • To request victim’s assistance information, contact the Mitchell County Attorney’s Office at 785-738-6569.

Crime statistics of Mitchell County

The overall crime rate of Mitchell County increased by 106% between 2018 and 2019. As compared to the 15 complaints filed in 2018, the local police only received over 30 complaints in 2019. Of the cases registered, 29 were against property crimes, with larceny-theft complaints taking the lead in this category, at 12 complaints. Violent crimes led to the filing of 2 complaints.

Older crime statistics

With 100 criminal complaints filed in Mitchell County, Kansas, per annum, the police do not seem to have a heavy caseload on their hands. However, this scenario may change in the near future if the growth of almost 85% seen in violent crime rates and the rise of nearly 25% in reported crime are anything to go by.