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To launch an arrest warrant search in Stafford County, KS, you can go to the office of the local sheriff’s department. Although the judiciary and the police work hand in hand when it comes to trying defendants, as far as apprehending the criminals goes, this responsibility lies with the police. However, to ensure that law enforcement does not misuse the powers vested in the department, strict rules have been framed around arrests without warrants.

Typically, the police will only take an accused into custody without a Stafford County active warrant if they have probable cause to believe that this individual has committed a felony or the offense should have been committed in front of a police officer. Barring these two scenarios, for all other criminal incidents, active warrants from Stafford County have to be sought before arrests can be made.

Once issued, all Stafford County arrest warrants are held by the police till such time that they are served. These outstanding warrants have indefinite validity while their geographic reach is specified at the time of issue and will depend on the nature of the crime. Once an accused is detained, the date of detention along with information about the detainee is added to the arrest records repository of the police department.

Eventually, information on active warrants and Stafford County arrest records is also forwarded to the judiciary. Fortunately, to get a warrant search done, you will only have to go to

209 North Broadway, St. John, Kansas 67576. The judicial complex houses the office of the sheriff as well as that of the county clerk.

In the seven years from 2002 onward, the crime rates of Stafford County, Kansas have held steady at about 50 cases per annum. Of the incident reports filed, the majority were linked to property crimes while about 6% were connected to violent crimes. Overall, the crime situation in the area has worsened with a growth of over 80% registered in the rate of violent incidents alone.