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You or anybody else can seek an arrest warrant search in Wabaunsee County, KS, through one or more of the agencies listed in this article. Although the facility to conduct personal background searches and inquire about the active warrants and arrest records in the name of third parties is offered to all, the response to your search will vary greatly from that offered to a state department or a statutorily authorized employer.

Limited vs. complete crime history

Limited crime history includes information about arrests and the release of active warrants in cases that culminated in a guilty verdict. Some agencies may even provide details on cases that are still in the trial stages. Limited crime history is usually offered to the broad strata of applicants that comprises regular commercial entities and civilians interested in third-party crime history inquiries.

Complete crime history includes information on every criminal infraction in the name of the subject. So, charges filed in cases that have been dismissed or in which the defendant was acquitted will also be discussed in the crime history profile. The applicant will be told about all arrest records from Wabaunsee County in the name of the person under investigation, as well as outstanding warrants that are yet to be executed.

Complete crime history is usually offered to law enforcement agencies and state licensing authorities who are even told about expunged records. Also, establishments that work with children, seniors, and other vulnerable factions are given access to complete criminal data. If you are seeking such reports, you can get in touch with:

  • The police: 215 Kansas, Alma, Kansas 66401
  • The judiciary: 215 Kansas Ave, Alma, KS 66401
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 278, Alma, Kansas 66401

Is there any way to get information about Wabaunsee County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)  

  • Information about recent arrests- 785-765-3323 (Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s office)
  • Information on arrest warrants785-765-3922 (Municipal Court)
  • Information on criminal court records- 785-765-2406 (Clerk of Court)
  • Information on victim’s assistance- 785) 765-2401 (Wabaunsee County Attorney)

Crime statistics of Wabaunsee County

The Wabaunsee Sheriff’s Office handled 91 criminal complaints in 2019. Of these, 77 were property offenses and 14 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 45 larceny-thefts, 29 burglaries, 3 auto thefts, 12 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

Older crime statistics

Wabaunsee County, Kansas, has a fairly low crime rate that seldom crosses into the 100 incident mark. Of the approximately 90 criminal complaints filed with the local police, about 9% are against violent acts. In recent years, there has been an increase of almost 100% in the frequency of violent and overall crime.