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To seek an arrest warrant search in Phillips County, KA, you will generally be advised to go to the local cops. The police precinct in your area or the sheriff’s office that handles the county’s criminal affairs would indeed serve as a good starting point for any inquiry that pertains to the issue of active warrants and the arrests made through these orders.

However, it would be an error to leave the judiciary out of such investigations. It should be understood here that arrest warrants cannot come into being without judicial intervention. It is not the police who randomly issue warrants but the magistrate’s office, which releases these orders in conformance with the state’s laws and the Bill of Rights.

The sheriff’s office has two important functions in the entire process; they submit the evidence they have collected in court for deliberation. They make arrests once the warrants have been granted. After the petition for an active warrant is filed, a hearing is held to ensure that the proof available in the matter does show with reasonable certainty that the crime has been commissioned by the accused.

The procedure for establishing reasonable cause may also involve the witnesses if the police department’s writ cannot be used conclusively. This process is typically completed within a few hours of receiving the warrant petition, given the urgency with which these decrees are needed.

Fortunately, as an applicant looking for arrest records from Phillips County and information on outstanding warrants, you can visit these two agency offices or the county clerk at the same address at 301 State St, Phillipsburg, KS 67661.

With an annual crime average of fewer than 20 cases, Phillips County has one of the lowest crime activities in the state of Kansas and the country. To add to this, both violent and overall criminal occurrence rates have shown a drop; the former improving by almost 35% and the latter plunging by almost 65%.