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In Jewell County, KS, arrest warrant searches will either be undertaken by the police or by the judiciary. Who you should approach will depend on the type and amount of information you need and how you want to conduct the inquiry. Fortunately, the sheriff’s office and the judicial network work out of 307 N Commercial, Mankato, Kansas 66956.

As long as you visit this one address, it will only be a matter of going from one room to another to contact the agencies discussed in this article. The police will undoubtedly have all information on Jewell County arrests and active warrants since they petition the court for these detention orders and use these directives.

The court will also have information on Jewell County arrest records and outstanding warrants because they are in charge of issuing all detention orders, including those sanctioned in civil matters. These are typically brought to use against litigants who fail to obey a judicial directive.

As far as the county clerk’s office is concerned, this agency keeps records for all judicial events. Court dockets include case-related information, and these are maintained for all legal matters brought before the tribunals. The county clerk’s office may not be involved in issuing Jewell County arrest warrants, but they are bound to have information on these, as well as the arrests effected through the use of these orders.

When it comes to detentions, the police, of course, take the defendant into custody, but the report of the arrest is sent to the judiciary with the return of the warrant. From this point onward, the tribunals start to prepare for the trial, and the Office of the Attorney General is also notified of this. For launching any inquiry that pertains to arrest warrants from Jewell County, Kansas, you can use USPS to send in the search request or visit the state agency office personally.

How do you get information about Jewell County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)    

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Jewell County Sheriff’s Office at 785-378-3194.
  • To find information about arrest warrants, call the Municipal Court at 785-378-3141.
  • To ask about victim’s assistance, contact Victim Services at 785-378-4010.
  • To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at 785-378-4030.

Crime statistics of Jewell County

 In 2019, the annual crime rate in Jewell County was 18 instances. There were 2 violent crimes and 16 property crimes among the reported offenses.

Burglary was the most common property crime, with 10 reports. Petty theft complaints, which accounted for 5 cases, came in second. The violent crimes category comprised 1 instance each of assault and rape.