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Because outstanding warrants have indefinite validity, getting an Ottawa County arrest warrant search done will be a definitive way to determine what the future holds for a person. Let us consider an instance where you find a KS active warrant in this individual’s name. It is crucial to understand that just because an order of this nature has not been served does not mean that the cops have forgotten all about the offender and the crime to his name.

Even if the misdoing in question is trivial such as a few unpaid traffic tickets, you can be sure that arrests will occur as soon as the accused is spotted by a police officer. This may happen on the road or in any other place in the issuing county or state. Also, if the arrest warrant was released in a felonious matter, such detentions can be effected in any part of the country.

On the other hand, if you find past Ottawa County arrest records in the name of this person, you might want to dig deeper to learn about what became of the case launched against this individual. Whether the subject did time in a state penitentiary and how long ago he was released or if the case was dismissed or the defendant was acquitted are all bits of information that can help you frame a character sketch of this person. To find details on active warrants from Ottawa County along with the arrest records, you can approach:

  • Law enforcement agency: 312 N Ottawa St, Minneapolis, Kansas 67467
  • The county magistrate: 307 N Concord St, Minneapolis, KS 67467
  • The clerk of court: 307 North Concord Street, Suite 220, Kansas, Kansas 67467

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Ottawa County? (By 2021)      

  • To learn about recent arrests, contact the Ottawa County Jail at 785-392-3625.
  • To request an accident report, arrest records and an incident report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 785-392-2157.
  • To know about Ottawa County arrest warrants, call the Municipal Court at 785-392-2176.
  • To request information on victim and witness program, call the Ottawa Attorney’s Office at 785-392-2953.
  • To begin a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at 785-392-2917.

Crime statistics of Ottawa County

The Sheriff’s Office of Ottawa County handled approximately 44 criminal matters in 2019. Of the complaints filed, more than 42 were against property crimes while the rest were against violent crimes.

Instances of larceny-theft had the highest occurrence rate at more than 25 complaints/annum while burglary cases came in a close second with approximately 15 cases filed yearly against such crimes. 

Older crime statistics

Every year, the police of Ottawa County, Kansas, end up handling no fewer than 100 complaints. While approximately 90% of these are filed in matters about property crimes, the remaining 9% comprises violent incidents such as rape and homicide.