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There were close to 1,600 crimes reported in Wilson County, KS, in one recent eight-year period. Of the reported crimes for that span of time, almost 120 were rapes, homicides, or other violent crimes. However, the vast majority (almost 1,000) of the crimes were thefts, including car thefts.

Sometimes we need to do investigations in Wilson County, specifically, an arrest warrant search when looking for information on a specific individual. A good place to start is the county sheriff. They are located at 925 Pierce, Fredonia, KS 66736, and their phone number is 620-378-3622. The sheriff’s office does have a webpage (a part of the larger Wilson County official website), but other than contact information and addresses, it provides very little to give us even a start on looking into active warrants and/or arrest records in Wilson County.

If we move from law enforcement to the county district attorney’s office, there may be data to be had, as they handle the prosecutions of individuals with arrests for crimes in Wilson County. That office may have information on outstanding warrants and may also know where to access other resources. The Wilson County Attorney has an office at 615 Madison, Room #201, Fredonia, KS 66736, and their phone number is 620-378-4115.

Then there is KASPER, who may be the most help in finding out if those who once had arrest warrants out for them are now incarcerated and in the custody of the Kansas Secretary of Corrections. It has data on current prisoners, paroled individuals, and those with a discharged sentence.KASPER additionally has information on offenders under the supervision of community corrections after July 1, 2002. By going to https://kdocrepository.doc.ks.gov/kasper/?YesNo=Please+Wait (Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository), we may undertake an offender population search, by name, aliases, date of birth, ID numbers, and the county in which the person was convicted.KASPER enables searchers to determine the status and criminal background and history of individuals, including records resulting from a Wilson County KS active warrant.

Once on the KASPER offender population search page, we can access links to lists of parole absconders and community corrections absconders. The Kansas Department of Corrections requires users to review and agree to a posted disclaimer. The parole absconders’ page is at http://www.doc.ks.gov/escapees.