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Lyon County, Kansas outstanding warrants are orders for detention that have already been issued to the police and could not be served for some odd reason; hence, they are currently being held in the judiciary and law enforcement databases for execution in the future. It would be a grave folly to assume that these orders lose their teeth just because they are old.

If anything, pending orders for arrests become more potent than active warrants from Lyon County because information on these is sent to the FBI’s database of crime. This is a central repository that serves as a ‘go to’ point for most police officers when apprehending offenders.

When a person is stopped over or taken into custody, the arresting officers will first check for any form of identification on his person. The name on the ID is then run through the nationwide FBI repository to find any arrest warrants in the name of the accused. While investigating this individual, police also get details on prior arrest records, which help them determine if this person is a first-time or a habitual offender.

Unfortunately, if you were to walk into the sheriff’s office, you will certainly not be granted access to this infallible source of crime history data. For a warrant search, you will have to rely on third-party databases or visit the office of local law enforcement, the clerk of court, or the magistrate.

If you manage to make it to the county clerk’s department, at least you are assured access to their court dockets database. To look through a private database, fill the form on top of the page or make your way to the addresses listed below to connect with the state agencies.

  • Law enforcement: 425 Mechanic St, Emporia, Kansas 66801
  • Judiciary: 430 Commercial St, Emporia, KS 66801
  • County clerk: 430 Commercial Street, Emporia, Kansas 66801

There has been a significant improvement in the crime scenario of Lyon County, KS, with a drop of over 1200% observed in the rate of reported crime and a reduction of more than 500% in the figures of violent criminal acts. Over the seven-year period from 2002 onwards, no more than 1300 criminal complaints were being filed in the area every year.