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There are a myriad of options available for Labette County arrest warrant searches. However, few of these are online. In fact, the sheriff’s office of the area does not even bother to post their most wanted list on their website. So, whether you are looking for KS arrest records or information on the issue of active warrants, this will have to be sought in person.

However, if you do not intend to use this data for official purposes or, in other words, if the information is meant to lower the risk of inadvertently welcoming a criminal into your home or workplace, you could use the services of a private agency to find this data. For instance, check the form on top of this page.

Filling it will only take a minute, but you can get access to a nationwide repository of information about arrests and outstanding warrants. Although a fee is involved, you will end up paying less than what you would at a state agency which would typically charge you on a per search basis. There is another solution to look for Labette County arrest warrants.

Although not online, you can find details on warrants and arrests through the public service terminals at the office of the clerk of court. What makes up for the loss of convenience of an online search is that you can also find civil records in their court dockets database. To visit the police or a judicial entity in the area, you can go to:

  • The police: 718 5th St, Oswego, Kansas 67356
  • The judiciary: 501 Merchant St, Oswego, KS 67356
  • The clerk of court: 521 Merchant Street, Oswego, Kansas 67356

Over 850 criminal complaints are lodged with the sheriff’s office of Labette County, Kansas, each year. So, through the seven years between 2002 and 2008, almost 6000 criminal cases were filed in the area. Of these, about 13% were against violent crimes.