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By exercising due caution when releasing arrest warrants in Saline County, Kansas, the judiciary ensures that the alleged offender’s constitutional rights are not ignored. However, once probable cause is established, the judge will immediately sign the arrest order. This directive is then sent to the local police station’s court services division from where it finds its way to the FBI as well.

En route, information on the active warrant for arrests is also captured by the office of the clerk of court that maintains the court dockets repository. A warrant search can be undertaken by any of these agencies when a civilian applicant needs information on arrest orders issued in the area. In response to such an inquiry, you will be offered details on active orders for arrest as well as bench warrants.

The difference between these two is that while the former is issued in matters that are felonious, bench orders are used when an offender has to be captured for disobeying a court order. The police serve both arrest orders. However, while bench orders have limited jurisdiction in terms of time and geography, outstanding warrants from Saline County can be served in any part of the county, the state, or the nation and at any time, whether it is day or night.

When it comes to keeping arrest records, these are maintained for all detentions whether they occur under the provisions of a warrant or not. Some of the state agencies that maintain data on arrest warrants are:

  • The police: 251 N 10th St, Salina, Kansas 67401
  • The county clerk: PO Box 5040, Salina, Kansas 67401
  • The court of the magistrate: 300 W Ash St, Salina, KS 67401

Is it possible to access the Saline County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current as of 2021)     

  • The Saline County Sheriff’s office to find out more about arrests and inmates: 785-826-6500.
  • The Municipal Courts for details on arrest warrants: 785-667-5595/785-536-4296/785-826-7230.
  • The Saline County Attorney’s Office for victim-witness assistance: 785-309-5815.
  • The Office of the Clerk of Court for judicial records and a case search: 785-309-5831

Crime statistics of Saline County

Approximately 132 criminal complaints were filed in Saline County in 2019. Around 105 were for property offenses such as: larceny-theft (65), burglary (31), and automobile thefts (10). Among the 26 complaints filed against violent crimes, there were 22 incidents of serious assault and 3 cases of rape.

Older crime statistics

The crime rate of Saline County, KS would not be considered too bad by some, given the fact that less than 3000 crimes occur in this area annually. However, violent crime figures have swollen by almost 25% from 1999 to 2008, giving residents sleepless nights. At the time of writing this article, almost 300 criminal complaints were filed annually against violent crimes.